Surface Treatment

Surface coating: Currently, we do surface coating for our own products -Niken brandname such as TV cabinet, Plastic parts of Refrigerator. Our production lines serve for PU, UV coating.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a chenical resisitant barrier coating made of a composite fluoropolymer resin and ceramic pigment. They are applied to ferrous and nonferrous materials to provide protection from the ambient environment and can last decades without the coating fading.

PVDF is primarily used on architechural, chemical processing equipment and other applications requiring corrosion protection and improved cosmetic appearances. PVDF unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and has very good wear and abrasion resistance. PVDF coating also exhibits a high dielectric strength, excellent resistance to weathering and the ability to self extinguish.

The foundation of PVDF stability is within the carbon-fluorine bond common to all fluoropolymer materials. With a combination of carbon-fluorine bonds (providing stability) and carbon-hydrogen bonds, a unique structure with balanced properties is created that makes PVDF particularly suitable as a base for liquid coatings. PVDF is inherently non reactive and has the ability to withstand long-term UV and gamma radiation resulting in excellent color and gloss retention without chalking. PVDF also resists acids, alkalis and oils.

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